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Flow Splitting

A multi-well gas battery compresses raw gas from onsite wells and a group inlet separator fed by offsite wells.  When the sales gas receipt point experienced unexpected shutdowns, the gas battery was unable to continue to produce gas as the pipeline and facility experienced higher than normal pressures.

The proposed solution was to make modifications to the existing facility including utilizing an existing pipeline to allow the sales gas to flow to a different facility in the event of an upset at the sales point.  The solution included the addition of control valves, an additional custody transfer meter and flow control programming.  The programming of the control valves involved maintaining a minimum back pressure on the compressors.  By maintaining a back pressure, the valves would automatically relieve to the alternate facility if the sales point was unable to receive the sales gas.  Additional programming was implemented to give operations the ability to split the flow from their facility based on a flow setpoint.

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