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Core Values

Aztec Engineering Inc. has the following Core Values:


We are team players, we pull each other through tough situations, we have an open-door policy, we have a helpful attitude, we have solid communication, and we are collaborative.


We are professional, we are knowledgeable, we present well, we trust our team members to advance responsibility levels, we are helpful to solve challenging problems with creative and practical solutions.


We have integrity, we are honest, we are passionate, we give a shit.

We are NOT Jerks

We empathize, we bring people up instead of down, we have a no-blame culture, we are not self-serving.

We have FUN

We play hard, we develop meaningful relationships, we act to serve our team members and our community, we enjoy spending time with our team.

We get S#$* Done

We are accountable, we are hardworking, we pull rabbits out of hats, we will always find a solution, we are adaptable, we are dependable, we make time, we are efficient.