Structural Engineering

Aztec will provide structural engineering services to ensure that the equipment used on the job-site is operated within the correct safe operating capacity or that the condition of the equipment is sufficient to maintain the original manufacturer's specified capacity rating.

For existing load bearing equipment, Aztec can send an inspector certified by the Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) to complete a structural inspection, including Magnetic Particle Inspection on the equipment.                         

Alternately, if a project requires a custom fabricated load bearing device that requires certification, Aztec will complete the required engineering analysis and certify the device to be operated within a specified safe working capacity utilizing finite element analysis software.

Examples Include:

  • Cranes, pickers, sidebooms, jibs, spreader bars, etc. 
  • Residential/Commercial building structures 
  • Fall arrest devices
  • Custom lifting devices and assemblies 
  • Beam & Column analysis